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As Medistanbul Hospital, we are a team aiming to raise Turkey’s standards in healthcare services. Thanks to the consultancy we provide to hospitals and doctors, we ensure that healthcare services are sustainable and of the best quality. As our country’s first and only fully comprehensive Health Consultancy company, we are proud to be the leader in this field.

We strongly believe in the importance of quality of service. Our hospitals and doctors under the umbrella of OneClick Health Group care not only about the quality of service but also about your needs.

As a team that acts in line with your needs and plans all processes meticulously, our goal is to offer you a reliable structure. 

Technology and service quality are constantly increasing in the healthcare sector and our priority is to minimize the risks arising from poor service and inexperienced institutions. 

For this purpose, we create digital awareness, organize trainings with our doctors and we make your health journey more meaningful and professional. 

We believe that healthcare should be personalized. We aim to provide you with the best service with our doctors and experienced team who have seen thousands of cases.

OneClick Health is a healthcare group committed to always prioritizing the well-being of its patients. We promise to be part of a team that will support you at every stage of your treatment and protect your rights.

We will be happy to be with you on your health journey.

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